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Spokane Crime Scene Clean up-Suicide blood disposal Professional Service serving the Greater Northwest.


Trauma Tech is a privately owned company based in Spokane, Washington, with coverage including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.  Owned by Wayne & Lisa Fiedler, we are an elite biohazard restoration company, specializing in biohazard abatement.  We are truly experts in our field.  Our technicians are highly educated in Trauma Scene Abatement, Containment, Deodorization and Disposal of potentially infectious materials.  To obtain the highest level of service, our technicians continually upgrade their training.

State of the art professional restoration equipment and EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants are used to properly sanitize the affected area.  All the technicians use level C personal protective equipment during the remediation.  Today there are Laws and Regulations in place for handling and disposing biohazard and medical waste, which are potentially infectious agents.



Services provided by Trauma Tech include all aspects of biological cleaning.  Service areas include commercial, industrial, residential, interior and exterior sites.  All equipment is dedicated to this service and is not used outside of the company for any other purpose.  Equipment is also decontaminated after each site is completed.  This helps control the unnecessary spread of biologically hazardous pathogens.



Trauma Tech has addressed the issue of post-incident discussion with outside parties and feels that the highest level of privacy is required in dealing with our clients.  Respect for that privacy is a condition of employment.  Therefore, we will not provide specific information or photos about incidents that the company has responded to.  We also feel that respect for the nature of this business prohibits the use of excessive graphics and hype through our advertisement and marketing efforts.



Request for service by a family is , without a doubt, the hardest to deal with.  Families who lose loved ones are focused on the event and have very little energy to deal with planning for medical treatment, funerals, insurance companies, or the clean up.  Trauma

Tech will try to make contact upon arrival with the person who made the original call to us.  This contact may be a friend, neighbor, or family member who has stepped up to lead the family through its most trying times.  Most families elect to leave during the clean up, but our experience has shown that others have offered to stay and even to help.  Trauma Tech does not encourage or invite any assistance with the service call, but this may be the only way some members deal with the incident.  We are always more than happy to address any specific requests or concerns.  We are here to serve the family and do everything we can to help them through this difficult time.  We will also deal with your insurance company directly, on your behalf, if you prefer.  


Please feel free to contact Wayne or Lisa Fiedler personally at anytime with any questions or concerns that you may have.  No question or concern is of small importance.  If it is important to you, it is important to us.  Thank you for letting us serve you.

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